Bloomlife helps prevent false hospital trips when it comes down to the wire of pregnancy!  Especially if you are a first time mom, you never know when go time will happen. It's a lot of added pressure and anxiety knowing that any second your "water" could break. You worry about where you will be when that time comes, but Bloomlife allows you to sit back, relax, and monitor your contractions at the comfort of your own home! 
Bloomlife is $20 a week to rent during the third trimester of your pregnancy! They only charge you for the weeks you use! They send you everything you need all you have to do is download their app and everything is very simple to follow and set up. The package comes with 5 adhesive pads with sensors that you click the device into. You place the contraction monitor 3 fingers beneath your belly button. Sit, relax (hopefully), and let the monitor do all the work. It records the duration and frequency of your contractions so you can go back and see the irregular and/or regular patterns to help you decide if you are in false labor or not. 

During pregnancy there are so many precautions and the number one question about this device is.. is it safe? 100%passive-- it does not send energy into the body. It also is clinically validated to be accurate, reliable, and safe! Bloomlife is trusted, award winning technology! It gives you peace of mind during an overwhelming time! 

If interested in trying this product: drop your email in the comments and I will send you a link for free week off of your rental!

xxx Britt


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