Nursery Reveal!

It's here and officially finished! Nori Blair's nursery is complete and ready for her! I am still looking for Fig Leaf plant for the corner and a fun trendy floor lamp! Any suggestions please let me know. I am overjoyed with how her room has turned out. I never thought I would be blessed with a little girl and I am so excited to decorate a little girl's room. I have done weeks and weeks of research for the best and latest products! Here is the big reveal!

All milestone cards: Blossom and Pear

Levtex Baby Dandelion Mobile

4moms MamaRoo 
Five unique motions, like car ride and tree swing, and five different speeds!

Just Born for Baby bedding & sheets, Ikea pillows, TJ Maxx Unicorn

Hand painted leaves on the wall, Nori Blair wall sign hand painted and designed by me & created at AR Workshop Brandon

Dockatot Deluxe

DIY diaper/changing/bathing cart from Ikea I created for easy changing access! Also has wheels so I can roll into any room in my home!

Lollipop Baby Camera
premium, baby-safe silicone with an infrared LED for night vision, 4x digital zoom, and high quality lens! 128 degree view, sound machine, audio only, 720p HD, and privacy mode are the amazing features this baby camera has to offer! You also get instant app alerts for peace of mind like cry detection, temperature, humidity, and even when it is too loud for the baby.


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