Chelsea Wang Baby

The FDA does not regulate skincare products let alone baby care products which is very scary as a parent. You want the best for your children, but you can't understand, let alone pronounce the ingredients in most products. Chelsea Wang Baby uses all natural and organic ingredients to provide safe skincare options for your baby!

The organic hair and body wash is a blend of lavender oil, chamomile, and sweet orange. There are no artificial fragrances, dyes or perfumes in this product. All you do is pump a small amount, lather up, and wash your baby's hair and body leaving them smelling so fresh and clean!My baby girl was so relaxed and smelled so good after her bath!

We also tried the Calming Massage Oil. This product is my absolute favorite! The scent is a sweet orange which is known for a positive mood enhancer as well as super relaxing for your little. The product is all organic oils and the best part is that it does not leave your baby or your hands greasy! All you need is a little drop and it goes a long way. My sweet girl loved her massage after her bath and went straight to sleep! If only I could get her to use this product on me!

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