Lollipop Baby Camera

2 years ago almost to date we lost a baby at 20 weeks. I always thought I would be okay if I ever miscarried, as if God was telling me it just wasn't my time to carry a baby. But then I peed on a stick and my heart was overjoyed with happiness. I was going to be able to carry again and give my son a sibling! That is all I have ever wanted. Then two days before his 1st birthday we went to our appointment and after we left I started having cramps. Shortly after we had lost our baby. I understand now that my body just was not ready and there was a different plan for me.

Flash forward 2 years we find out we are pregnant! We all were overjoyed with excitement, but then the worry settled in. Every second. Every hour. Every minute. Every day I did research for the best baby products. I have been so nervous that something will happen that I have taken every precaution so that it doesn't. I stumbled upon the Lollipop Baby Camera... and boy has it been a game changer for us! The coolest part is that you download the app and get the notifications straight to your phone! The camera tells you when the environment is too noisy and when the baby is crying. The picture is so clear and you can even save a daily photo which I'm sure all moms appreciate! My man is able to check on and see our baby girl while he as work and he also can speak to her which makes her and of course myself smile! 

You can secure it to the crib, attach it to the wall, or even have it stand up on a flat surface. There are three colors to choose from: turquoise, cotton candy, and pistachio. It is made with baby safe silicone, has infrared LED for night vision, 4x digital zoom, and a high quality made-in-Japan lens. You can even play calming music or noise from the built in sound machine to soothe your baby from choices like a vacuum or hairdryer!

The camera offers cry detection and cross detection. The camera will notify you when your baby is crying and needs attention. The cross detection allows you to set a border and will notify you when movement is made outside of the border, like if your baby's leg gets stuck etc. The camera saves 30 second videos of significant events. This feature allows for you to go back and review. 

(actual image from the Lollipop Baby Camera of Nori Blair!)

Lollipop Baby Camera also offers a sensor. This allows you to track the temperature, humidity, and air quality levels. 

The Lollipop cam makes it perfect for this day in age where everything we do and see is in the palm of our hands. You'll be the first one to know when something is wrong or has changed with your baby and it gives you and your significant other piece of mind knowing you can open the app and check on your baby! I am so grateful for this amazing product and now with our 3 week old I feel so safe and relieved.

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