I got this in the bank...

LITERALLY! Florida Prepaid College was the best decision we have made! April is the last month to enroll for 2019! Sometimes you think you have plenty of time to save for college, but time flies especially when you have kiddos. You always tell yourself you will start that savings tomorrow... except tomorrow turns into 3 years and next thing you know you have a kindergartener and then they're deciding on colleges! Once my son was born I knew it was the best decision. I'm not sure what our financial state will be when it's time for him to even think about school, but I did know for sure that I wanted to have a plan. Florida Prepaid helps with your plan and gives you peace of mind knowing your child will have the opportunity to attend college. The best investment you can give your child is education. It is not going anywhere and it opens so many more opportunities for them! Hurry up and enroll before the month ends!! Starting is Believing.


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