10 things us Moms REALLY want for Mother's Day

1. Jays and Jewels - YES every woman loves to receive jewelry. Especially jewelry with their babies names on it! Jays and Jewels has the cutest options from multi name necklaces, rainbows, and birth flowers!

2. Venus et Fleur - Flowers that last ALL YEAR! Yes you heard that right. Us women LOVE fresh flowers so the longer they last, the happier we are!

3. Disney Annual Passes - The best decision we ever made was to become pass holders. We can come and go as we like and not feel like we're not getting our money's worth if we don't stay from open to close. It's especially helpful with babies because when or if they start acting up we can leave and come back another day! Disney always has something going on and it's perfect mom and kid date!

4. Breakfast in Bed - YES as cliche as it sounds... food in bed is a dream come true! So make it happen for the mom of the house!

5. Yankee Candle - Candles are great, but one we don't like to buy them ourselves and two we would cherish them much more if they had an adorable pic of our hubby and kids on it! You can personalize a candle for mom with any pic & saying that she can keep forever!

6. Candy Trunk - Design your own candy trunk for mom! Sugarfina has the cutest options of candy to choose from! You can even add the delicious candy to champagne and cocktails.

7. Badass Motha apparel - WE ARE BADASSES and we should be very proud of that! As moms we somehow take on so much and are the rulers of our homes. These super comfy fun shirts & sweatshirts are great for around the house, grabbing lunch, or running out for errands.

8. Mom Mug - If you don't drink coffee or tea YOU ARE NOT A MOM. Just kidding! But how else would we make it through Motherhood?! Rae Dunn has super clean and pretty glassware!

9. Dyson Vacuum - Everyone needs a vacuum except NO ONE wants to buy a vacuum. The best vacuum is exactly what we want and since moms are always picking up after everybody they deserve the best one on the market!

10. SLEEP - Last but not least........ EVERY SINGLE MOM does not need an expensive gift at all to feel loved. If you really love her, you will let her sleep for 24 hours straight.... one could only dream...

Happy Mother's Day to the moms who are already moms, to the moms to be, to the moms waiting for their miracle to happen, to the bonus moms, the foster moms, and all of the women who help raise us all on a daily basis!


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