No lion, we love Animal Trackers Club!

Zane is 3 almost 4 and not in school just yet. Animal Trackers Club helps not only my son, but me stay on target with learning, teaching and having fun! Each month he receives a new animal to learn about. In each kit you receive a foam mask, a figurine, a magnet, learning cards, an art activity, and multiple learning activities. We try to make the kits extra special by going to the park and doing them,  sitting at the beach, or even going to the zoo!

This month we took our kit straight to the source... THE ZOO! This month's animal was a Rhino so Zane did his learning & art activities right next to the Rhino! We brought our previous month animal cards and did a little scavenger hunt to find each one also!

We love that the kits are well rounded. They cover all bases from math to art and history. Children's attention spans are very short so it's important for me to have quick fun activities to keep Zane engaged, learning, but mostly having fun! When you make learning fun both parties win!

Here you can find these awesome monthly Animal Trackers Club kits!


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