Piggy Paint

Yes SAFE paint for your baby's little piggies! Non-toxic, low odor & hypoallergenic. I am a big time researcher of baby and toddler products. I read every label, review, ingredient and make sure that it is safe before using on or with my babies. Call me crazy, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I've waited a very long time to have a little girl of my own so I have been dying to paint her little toes! I was scared she was too little until learning about Piggy Paint!

I also make sure to use products that are cruelty free and Piggy Paint did not disappoint on that! As a mom you want to make all the right decisions for your babies and I feel so confident and comfortable putting this on Nori!

These products are sold at Target so make sure to pick up some polish for your little piggies!


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