What To Pack In Your Disney Bag With 2 Kids

Becoming Disney Passholders has been our best decision ever! Packing for one kid for the day was a lot, and I thought I had a good grip on it until along came the baby. Two kids at Disney is no joke! So I've put together a list of things to pack to make sure the day goes smooth and you don't forget anything!

+ Change of clothes
+ Magic band
+ Cup 
+ Extra milk 
+ Diapers
+ Sunglasses
+ Mickey hat
+ Stroller fans 

+ Change of clothes
+ Matching Minnie bow
+ Teething toys
+ Formula

+ Tons & tons of snacks lol
   - I usually pack mickey goldfish, granola bars, water bottles (extra for formula) 

For the Parents:
+ Camera
+ Hand sanitizer
+ Minnie ears 
+ Sunscreen 
+ Antibacterial wipes 
+ ID, money, wallet
+ Sunglasses
+ Wildbird sling
+ Popcorn bucket

A little trick: since we go to Disney so often a little trick I do is buy Disney themed toys (for half the price lol) and bring the kids Mickey hats, bubble guns, light up toys etc. So when they see other kids have them I take them out of the bag as if we just bought them and they are super happy and also have no idea haha! Also I always bring back our popcorn bucket because our son devours popcorn all day! Of course I always have to get the new cool buckets, but honestly it saves us so much money in the long run and you can refill the buckets for $2!


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