Why you should NOT use baby walkers

All parents are super excited when it comes to their baby learning to walk. They buy every toy and product in the world to help teach them. Parents buy baby walkers assuming they will help the child walk, but it actually dies the opposite! Studies show that babies take even longer to walk because they rely solely on the walker to do the walking for them. It can actually delay the child from walking and it does not help their motor skills. 

Babies need to learn mobility by themselves with constant supervision during that process! Baby walkers are one of the biggest reasons for injury for babies under 15 months! They can fall down the stairs or get hurt by running into furniture and items in the home. 

In Canada baby walkers have already been banned. The American Academy of Pediatrics have been trying to get this banned for awhile now. The best options are stationary toys for your little one!

We chose the Skip Hop Silver Lining Activity center! It’s a 3 in 1 activity center! Stage 1 is a sit, swivel, bounce, and play center. The seat easily comes out and clicks back on for easy washing! The toys clip onto the side for the baby to play with! There also is a musical mini piano on the foot board so the baby can play!

Stage 2 is a cruise and connect center. Around 6-8 months your baby will start pulling themselves up to stand and walking around the activity center. The Skip Hop one is very sturdy so it will not fall down on your child. Most baby walkers are top heavy and will fall down easily, along with possible injury to your child! The walker can fall back onto them and cut their face etc. when trying to pull up on it. 

Stage 3 of the Skip Hop activity center is it turns into a play table and chalk board! How fun! I love that it grows with you so it is worth the money and you can keep around for awhile in your home! You can even add cute chairs to the table! 


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