SHARKS are friends not food!

Brace yourselves.... SHARK WEEK is coming!!

and if you want to know what all the hype is about I suggest you turn on Discovery Channel and check it out! I used to think Shark Week was lame and a waste of your time... last year while I was 9 months pregnant we watched Shark Week as a family and I am absolutely addicted! Not only are the movies and documentaries scary, fun, and keeps you on your toes.... but it's super interesting to learn about all of the different sharks. Especially living here in Florida it's very important to know what is in the water you swim in! 

This year I decided to start the tradition of doing fun Shark Week activities with the kids to end the summer on a fun note and also make it a learning experience for them!

I will be editing this post all week long to update all of our fun crafts, recipes, and shark inspired ideas! We hope you follow along and enjoy Shark Week as much as we do!

Shark Bait HOO HA HA

What's Shark Week without snacks?! Healthy snack options from Wish Farms!

Shark pancakes for breakfast!

DIY Ocean graham crackers with shark sprinkles!

What you'll need:

Graham crackers
blue icing (shark sprinkles come with)
white pearl sprinkles
green and red sprinkles
graham crackers smashed up

Ocean Slime!

What you'll need

Elmers glitter glue x2
Hot water
Shark toys
Small containers (listed are from Michael's) 

Shark Foot Prints!

Perfect way to document your child's growth each year during Shark Week!

What you'll need:
Paint Brushes
Stick on eyes

Shark Donuts from Remi's Minis in Riverview!

End Shark Week with a Shark Party and Shark pool floats from Big Mouth Inc.!

We hope you had a blast following us during #sharkweek ! 
Shark Week HOO HA HA!


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