25 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

This is the first year we are doing Elf on the Shelf and boy am I going big with it! I have one elf for each kid and then a baby elf to come in mid December! At first I was really creeped out at the elf. Every year I contemplate doing it and finally caved in! I was nervous about forgetting to move the elf, but I made it very easy and set up all 25 days and put the accessories and outfits in a box so each night I just pull it out and set it up. There is nothing that can compare to your child's face lighting up when you do these magical moments with them! Zane is so excited for the elves to come he talks about them everyday!

I'm going to break it down day by day to explain each set up along with some pictures to go with some of the scenes!

Day1: Welcome breakfast- I will be putting the elves inside a jumbo clear balloon and have the kids pop it! Along with a welcome letter and their first day of December baskets

Day 2: Grinch elf sweater, make grinch popcorn (tutorial on IG) and watch the Grinch movies

Day 3: Taco Tuesday- elf will be wrapped in a tortilla

Day 4: Gingerbread house making

Day 5: cooking baking sheet/rolling pin- baking day!

Day 6: Elf pizza- let's make homemade pizza!

Day 7: Elf selfie - mini camera and prop/ polaroids of the kids sleeping

Day 8: Campfire elf

Day 9: Elf kissing booth

Day 10:  Target Tuesday- Target sweater

Day 11: Pregnancy announcement

Day 12: Starbucks elf

Day 13: Elf tic tac toe

Day 14: Elf sized pancakes

Day15: Shrunkin' donuts- mini donut stand

Day 16: Polar Express Day! - tickets, pajamas, bell

Day 17: Baby Elf is born

Day 18: photo booth

Day 19: Airplane- North Pole Express

Day 20: Bowling Elf

Day 21: Scavenger hunt elf

Day 22: Snow ball fight

Day 23: Nativity scene elf- ready story of Jesus' birth

Day 24: brings Christmas jammies, reindeer food to put out for Santa

Day 25: luggage- heading back to North Pole & goodbye letter

Hope you have a magical season with your family and hope this helps you remember to move your elf and have fun with them!! 

Tinsel & Elton can't wait to make their grand appearance!


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