Nori’s FIRST Birthday!

Only 2 months later, but hey life gets in the way sometimes! I am still in disbelief that a full year passed just like that. It honestly feels like we were just heading to the hospital and holding our girl for the first time. You don’t realize how much really happens in your first year of life until it’s over and you look back. Our girl can walk, talk, eats everything in sight. She loves to play, try new things, and much more. I always have to do a big first birthday because you only get ONE! Before Nori was born, I planned her monthly photos to be in a Target basket so to keep with the theme I chose a Target themed birthday party! I made a checkout station, a Starbucks, a popcorn and slushee station, the Bullseyes playground with mini shopping carts for every one to fill as their favor! It was my dream party that came to life! I worked so hard over the past year to make everything come true. Most of the stuff I made myself in order to have that personal touch! I am sharing all the details below and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!

I hand painted the Melissa & Doug check out station and used my Cricut to make a Target symbol for it! I also made my Hearth & Hand stand into a slushee stand with custom Nori’s Cafe cups! My ball pit was a hit for the kids! I probably will do one of these at every birthday they all loved it so much! I took a blow up pool and filled with plastic balls! So simple and fun for the kids! 

The party favors were the mini shopping carts. You went over to the Bullseyes playground and filled your cart with all of the treats as if you would at Target! 

 We had individual Pizza Hut pizzas just like you would at the Target cafe too!! 

The Employee of the Year sign showed all of our girls monthly Target photos! She truly was the Target Girl Of The Year! 

Also since it was a first birthday I wanted to do something memorable so we made a first birthday time capsule and asked everyone to bring something to put in the capsule! She will open in when she turns 18! Can’t wait for her to read and see the memories from 18 years ago! 

Some tricks and tips I learned:
Definitely plan EARLY! It’s never too early to plan! I have all of these great ideas and I would never execute them because I ran out of time, but I wrote down every single idea I wanted to do and slowly marked them off over the course of the year! I chose my theme and colors so I would grab products and things I needed as I saw them! That way it’s not one big expense! I made everything very far in advance so when it came closer to her birthday I was already done and just had to focus on last minute touches!

We held her party at the clubhouse so I was lucky enough to decorate the night before! I had every thing set so I could just wake up get the babies ready, get myself ready, and pick up the pizzas!

The day couldn’t have gone smoother! Everything was perfect and our girl had a great day! 

Thank you to all of the sponsors that made this possibly as well! Without your partnerships and collabs I wouldn’t have been able to do this!

Geese and Ganders with all of the party plates, cups, napkins
Super Pretzel for the pretzels at the cafe 
Minnidip for our awesome ball pit pool 
Cabrera’s Cakery with the cake
KCs Cakery with the awesome cookies 

The slushee machine and popcorn machine were also sponsored and sent to us as well! Thank you to everyone who made this dream come true!

Britt & the House of Hernandez 


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