A Very merry Montessori Christmas

I get asked all the time WHY the Montessori method and why the wooden toys. First off I will explain what the Montessori learning method is so you have a basis on why and how it is done. The Montessori method is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Because every child possesses the innate skills, abilities and qualities to achieve their highest potential. Even from a young age, children hold an amazing capacity for independence and to grow their physical, intellectual and emotional faculties to their fullest expression. Another unique aspect of the Montessori method is that it emphasizes a learning environment tailored to each child's specific ability and needs. For instance say your child is interested in space. You would fill the learning environment with space related games, toys, etc. and center all learning activities around space. I believe the best form of learning is through play.

I also get asked why the wooden toys. We choose wooden toys in our household for a few reasons. They spark imaginative play which is the number one reason of why I do so. They don't let off toxic chemicals, they are durable, and are multifunction use. I like wooden toys that can grow as the child grows. For instance building blocks, you start off by stacking them, then learning their shape, then counting them! They will be in your home for years to come so also for a financial reason!

This Christmas I really wanted shop intentional. I wanted to buy things that the kids need and can really use and grow with.

I hope these options helped you with gift shopping this year for your little ones and will be a part of your home for years to come! Remember to shop mindful and with intention.

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